Boards & Commissions

Statute requires Department of Human Services oversight and/or involvement in a variety of boards, commissions and advisory committees. Membership, appointment and representation on these boards is determined by individual statue. Below is a list of these boards in which we have a primary administrative role as directed by law. Please contact the administrative DHS Division, Office or Institution for specific information on membership, function and purpose of the board. Click here for a full list of Utah boards and commissions.

Board of Aging and Adult Services: Division of Aging and Adult Services

- Christy Achziger

- Martha Autry
- Diena Simmons

- Neil Anderton
- Sharon Ott
- Kelly Van Noy

Child Support Guidelines Advisory Committee: Executive Director’s Office

- Russell Minas, Utah State Bar
- Lori Nelson, Utah State Bar

- Heather Barber, Custodial
- Dan Deuel, Diverse interests
- Jen Gedge, Non-custodial
- Brian Higginbotham, Diverse interests
- Kandice Leornard, Custodial
- Carrie Mayne, Economist
- William Melton, Non-custodial
- 2nd District Court Commissioner TR Morgan, Judicial Council
- Liesa Stockdale, Office of Recovery Services

Disability Advisory Council: Division of Services for People with Disabilities

- Stephanie Roach

- Neil Allred
- Jacky Bell
- Susan Blamires  
- Tamera Dalton  
- Shirlee Draper
- Mary Jones
- Jordyn Peterson  
- Angella Pinna (DSPD Director)
- John Shoemaker
- Carla Thorne

Utah Marriage Commission: Executive Director’s Office

- Alan Hawkins, BYU Family Life

- Dr. Liz Albertsen, Valley Behavioral Health
- Nate Bagley, Relationship Researcher, Writer, Podcaster and Speaker
- Melissa G. Ballard, Utah State House of Representatives
- Veola Burchett, Catholic Dioceses of Salt Lake City
- Senator Allen Christensen, Utah State Senate
- Stephen Duncan, Ph.D. Brigham Young University, Vice-Chair
- Senator Lyle Hillyard, Utah State Senate
- Mark O. Jarvis, Ph.D. Salt Lake Community College
- Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Ph.D. Dixie State University
- Jacalyn Leavitt, Founder and Honorary Chair
- Douglas LeCheminant, LCSW, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Family Services
- Julie Nelson, Utah Valley University
- David Schramm, Ph.D. Utah State University
- Paul Schvaneveldt, Ph.D. Weber State University, Chair
- Lola Shipp, Utah State Board of Education
- Representative Carol Spackman Moss, Utah State House of Representatives
- Gerald White, Utah National Guard Chaplain

Consulting Members:
- Randy Chatelain, Marriage and Family Therapist
- LaVar Christensen, Christensen and Associates
- Wallace H. Goddard, Ph.D.
- Brian Higginbotham, USU Extension Services

Utah State Developmental Center Board: Division of Services for People with Disabilities

- Laura Anderson, public member
- Don Gordon, parent of USDC services recipient
- Fred Jex, public member
- Scott Pingree, parent of USDC services recipient
- Angella Pinna, DSPD director
- Manuel Smiley, USDC resident
- Scott Smith, public member
- Lana Stohl, DHS Deputy Director
- Frank Rees, USDC Interim Superintendent

Youth Parole Authority: Division of Juvenile Justice Services

- Alvin Emery, Part-time member

- Myron Benson, Part-time member
- Sharlene Christensen, Part-time member
- Ferris Groll, Part-time member
- Margaret Jackson, Part-time member
- Beatrice Martinez, Part-time member
- Mitchell Six, Part-time member
- Lynn Stewart, Part-time member
- Rick Westmoreland, Part-time member
- Athelia Woolley, Part-time member

Vacant Positions:
- Pro-Tempore board member
- Pro-Tempore board member
- Pro-Tempore board member
- Pro-Tempore board member
- Pro-Tempore board member