Divisions, Offices & Institutions

Housed within the Department of Human Services (DHS) are multiple divisions and offices that provide individualized services to support children, youth, families and adults in their homes, schools, workplaces and communities.

Provides a variety of services that empower Utah residents age 60 and older to remain independent and in their homes and communities. Services include Meals on Wheels and investigation of adult abuse and neglect.

Ensures the safety of children and strengthens Utah families through services that prevent child abuse and neglect, encourage parent education and self-reliance, mental health therapy and sex abuse treatment. Services also include foster care and child protective services for children who are unsafe in their homes.

Provides treatment, support and structure for youth involved in the Juvenile Justice System to prevent them from returning to the system, maintain community safety and ensure youth accountability. Services like detention, community programs, early intervention and aftercare are often accessed through court orders.

Provides support and opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate and thrive as valued members of the community. Services include both out-of-home and in-home services like supported living, personal assistance, respite care and supported employment.

Works to ensure treatment for, and prevent, mental health issues and substance use disorders through financing local prevention, early intervention, education, treatment and recovery programs statewide.

Ensures accountability for taxpayer dollars, efficient spending and beneficial contracting to promote efficient operations and provide important supports. Also ensures safety in the workplace for DHS staff and on-site clients.

Ensures health and safety of clients seeking critical support and treatment through a licensed provider. Oversees licensing for foster care, private adoption agencies and treatments programs, and conducts background screenings of DHS staff who work directly with vulnerable adults and children.

Provides guardianship and services for adults who are unable to make basic life decisions for themselves due to aging-related illness, intellectual disabilities, brain injuries and mental illness.

Utah’s child support enforcement agency that ensures parents are financially responsible for their children. Provides support for children in child care and ensure the appropriate use of public funds through their Bureau of Medical Collections.

Assures quality care for DHS clients through Qualitative Case Reviews and Case Process Reviews. Provides objective, accurate data on how well the Division of Child and Family Services is meeting legislative and court requirements.

Provides 24-hour supervised residential care and treatment to individuals with severe mental, physical and developmental disabilities. Helps residents to live the best quality of life possible, through independence and self-reliance, in partnership with family, guardians and the community.

Offers care to individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses in a safe and respectful environment that promotes hope and quality of life. Provides forensic competency services for court-ordered individuals who have been found not competent to stand trial by a judge. These services are provided in a separate, secure facility.