Motor Pool & Transportation

The Department of Human Services provides staff with vehicles for business-related transportation. This includes motor pool or rental vehicles and eBike rentals. All who operate a state vehicle are responsible to follow all traffic laws and show courtesy on the road. For more information, please see the Appropriate Vehicle Use Policy.

How to Reserve a State/Enterprise Vehicle

To operate a state vehicle, you must be registered in Fleet Focus, have a valid driver license and pass the biannual Risk Management Driver Safety Test.

Reserve the vehicle as far in advance as possible to ensure one is available. If no vehicles are available at the time you make the reservation, you may either try another motor pool location or your name will be put on a waiting list and you will be called when a vehicle comes available. You can also rent a vehicle through Enterprise here.


You may pick up a vehicle between  7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you need to leave before the motor pool opens, arrange to pick up the vehicle the night before you leave. If you need to leave early on Monday, please arrange to pick up the vehicle on the Friday before.

You will need to fill out a “Permission for Passenger, Overnight, and/or Continuous Use of State Motor Pool Vehicle form” and have it signed by your supervisor. State vehicles are not permitted for personal use.

When you pick up a vehicle you will be asked to sign a return form and will be given a packet attached to the keys. This packet contains a gas card and an roadside emergency assistance card. If you lose either the keys or the Gas Card, your agency will be charged to replace them.

Please check for and report any prior damage to the car before leaving.


Please be sure to fill out the correct mileage on the return form and return the packet, keys and completed form to the motor pool office, where you picked the vehicle up.

Please be respectful and remove trash, debris, materials and personal belongings from the vehicle. The gas tank should be full when returned. Please notify Motor Pool staff if you caused any damage to the vehicle. Charges may apply if vehicles are returned in a condition of abuse or neglect, or with a low gas tank. No pets are allowed in our State vehicles.

Improper Use

All complaints and tickets issued against drivers of State vehicles will be forwarded to supervisors and department heads. Traffic violations or speeding tickets are the responsibility of the driver and not the State. If you do receive a ticket in a State vehicle, it is your responsibility to notify your supervisor. If you see a State vehicle being used improperly, please call Gala Dumas (Fleet Services) at (801) 537-9693, or fill out the Vehicle Complaint Form. Please make sure you have the license plate number, location of infraction, what the vehicle was doing, date, and time.

Enterprise Rentals

You must have a Fleet Operator ID to access the Enterprise Emerald system.  If you do not know your Operator ID or have questions please contact Megan Lund (801-538-4687).

The Enterprise personnel office is located in the southwest corner of the MASOB, room 1120, where the DHS Motor Pool office is located. After making your reservation, you will go to this office to pick up keys to the vehicle. 

When you pick up the vehicle, it will be fully fueled and you are not responsible for bringing it back fueled. If you will drive far enough to require refueling the vehicle, you will need to check out a State Gas Credit Card from DHS Motor Pool staff. Use only regular gasoline, not premium. 

DHS is billed for the time the vehicle is in use, not the mileage. 

If your trip requires a passenger van, cargo van, or larger car, you can note these requirements on the reservation form and Enterprise will have the vehicle on site when you need it. If the Enterprise Vehicle breaks down during business hours, Enterprise’s AAA services are available. 

There is a key drop box for after-hour vehicle returns; next to the smoker’s booth outside.

If you have any questions please contact Tyson Walker at


DHS employees at the Multi-Agency State Office Building (MASOB) can rent an eBike, at no cost, for local transportation needs. eBikes are electric pedal-assist bicycles, which means as the rider is pedaling, the bicycle’s electric motor is helping to turn the wheels.

To be eligible to use an eBike employees must have an active Fleet Operator ID, watch the eBike training video, and complete the release form.

DHS employees without an active Operator ID should contact Megan Lund,, 801-538-4687 or Polly Colbert,, 801-538-4168 to get set up.