DHS Telehealth

DHS Telehealth is a service through the Utah Department of Human Services that makes it easier for you to connect online in a confidential way. In order to connect to a DHS Telehealth video call, you will need access to a computer, smartphone or a tablet that is video and audio capable. It is also necessary to have a high-speed internet connection (minimum 10 mbps, but 25 mbps is recommended).


Tips for using DHS Telehealth

  • Compatible browsers include Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.  Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge are not supported

  • When prompted, always allow permission to the camera and mic. If permission is not given or if the prompt never appears, the site will not work properly. Close and Restart the browser and try again.

  • Always end a session by clicking the "End Call for All" button. Do not close a session by just closing the tab or browser window.

  • 20 is the maximum number of callers that can be in a single call, including the Host
  • When using a mobile device, a typical one-on-one call would use approximately 200 MB of data for a one hour call.  Depending on a number of other factors, such as total number of callers, video quality, connection speed, etc., a call could use approximately 700 MB of data for a one hour call.

Troubleshooting DHS Telehealth